Saturday 8 April 2017

RMB On The Move
Hello Prospective Members & Fellow Archers

Posted at 1:29 PM

RMB On The Move

The current RMB board and membership would like to take this opportunity to let you know about Rib Mountain Bowmen. We have a very exciting year ahead of us and would like you to be part of that. Below is a list of a few of our events from the last few years. Also you will find some of the updates of what RMB has been up to.

NASP (National Archery in the Schools Program) – RMB is now going to be working even more closely with area schools in the promotion of archery by supporting the NASP program. Since 2010 RMB decided to offer NASP. We started by expanding Badger State Games to offer a NASP event in February of 2011. We are going to also offer more structure to our youth archery program. Ask your kids if they are able to shoot archery in their school. If they aren’t we would like to have them talk to their principals and physical education teachers and ask about NASP and if they can start a team.

Upgraded Our Indoor and Outdoor Targets – RMB upgraded our outdoor shooting range by adding a tower about 3 years ago.We also rearranged the range so they can all be shot from the ground or from the tower. The tower has 2 levels and has added some excitement to the outdoor range. The indoor range bunkers have been replaced with new bales. The indoor range is used for several events during the year and stays very cozy (warm) during the winter months. For our outdoor range, we are adding gravel on the pathways where needed and cleaning up our range.

Campsite Development - The Rib Mountain Bowmen expanded the camping area for local and out of town shooters that come for the weekend to one of our shoots and added a few power poles. We were able to brush out and plant grass in the area to the west of the parking lots. This area now allows for several tents to be put up during a shoot without any crowding. We received many positive comments on the camping area during the State Traditional Shoot this past summer.

Communications - Monthly newsletter called the Bowbunk, sent out by email or availble online right after the board meeting held the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 7pm. Meeting is open to all members.

Calendar Events - can be found here.

League Info – can be found here.

Special Events

Badger State Games – BSG is one of our largest events. As a member of RMB you will have several opportunities to volunteer and to get your work hours in. BSG is one of those events where we depend on our membership in order for this event to go as smoothly as it does. The event runs for 3 days and is action packed all three days. RMB sells food at this event to make a little extra money for the club. We are going to offer at BSG a National Archery in the Schools Program event for BSG. All participants must be in a NASP program at their schools to participate.

Sporting Youth Heritage Days – RMB works with the DNR and several other area clubs to help sponsor the Sporting Youth Heritage Days. This event is the most rewarding for me because we have an opportunity to work with our youth and teach them how to shoot archery. This is a one day event and in most cases RMB members get all of their 10 work hours in on this one day.

Youth Program – RMB offers a free youth program to area youth that are interested in archery. The student does not have to be an RMB member and this program is open to the public. This program is on four Saturday mornings, from 9am to 12pm, in March.